2017 Recap… Not really but its some images to show what I need to work on. 🤷‍♂️

This is the recap post. This is how the recap post is supposed to go. This is what I would normally do with it.

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It’s been a minute…

A quick update with images and a video. Enjoy!!!! 

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Day 12. Social Cleanse

Honestly hasn't even crossed my mind, the social media. Much much bigger tings on ma mind right now. 🙂 Spire is finally opening up! Good stuff. Its about fucking time! I've waited 10 months for this to happen. It's going down a bit differently from the way I thought it would but still I persevered to be a part of something that I think will be pretty amazing for the city of H. It'll be great to help bring some sweet content for Spire. This last year has forced me to get better at a bunch of areas of design. It's taught me to be patient in a way I never thought possible. 




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