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Putting my foot into new but kind of old but kind of new territory. 

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Day 1. Social Cleanse

It's day 1. I'm not really sure what's going to come of me documenting this whole ordeal. I've cut out all of it. From Instagram to Twitter. From Facebook to Snap Chap(which I don't ever use).  

The idea is to regain my ability to find other things to do with my attention that has nothing to do with social media. I've decided, however, that I need to document it and see what comes of it. I can just post through out the day the things I get done on here. Will there be more work or will I still be the unproductive douche I normally am. We shall see.



 Dezi + Justin's wedding edited.

Dezi + Justin's wedding edited.

 Working/Learning with Motion. Working on the NYE video. 

Working/Learning with Motion. Working on the NYE video. 

 First Spire club poster done. 

First Spire club poster done. 


Tim VZ Logo

Vector logo I did for Houston bass dj Tim VZ. He loved the idea of having something inside of a circle. I also know that he has a very strong love for @bassnectar so I had to include that in there by doing it in a very pattern/tribal kind of way. It took a minute to figure this one out but I did and I am so happy I did because it turned out pretty well! Background provided by @rulebyart 




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