Tropicalia is a new music & food festival based in California which is due to launch in Summer 2020. It’s an ‘all things tropical’ festival, celebrating the best of Latin, Caribbean and African cultures. It blends traditional rhythms with new groundbreaking sounds from the new era in ‘a movement of subversion and beauty, with a vivid, multi-disciplinary blossom of music, arts and food.’In terms of their audience, this is quite a broad demographic including gardeners of all ages and anyone who works within gardens, so think tree surgeons, landscape gardeners and forestry workers between the ages of 18-55. The artwork created will need to resonate with these types of people.


They’re keen to have a set of icons created that are modern, minimal and of course inspired by horticulture and gardening that can be used by the charity for years to come. They’re not exactly sure which style and illustrative direction they would like so are happy for the designer to offer a suggested route.



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