Sabrina Sin Model Shoot

A girl with some serious beauty! I know for a fact I will be working with her again. I split this up into 2 post because half of it was more of a "model/fashion(y)" shoot and the other half was a beauty shoot. Lets start with the model side. :)

Sabrina Sin Beauty Shoot

Sabrina has some sexy skin! It's quite nice I tell you! I think I'm starting to find my place with beauty. I really enjoy it. All the little details that are there. It's amazing!

A shoot with Pandy!

Home chick rocked it! I'm out on a mission to find my place with photography. I wanna know what I'm all about. My style if you will. She is kind of the start of this journey. I know what my concert photography is. People can spot that a mile away. But how do I make myself stand out with models. Am I going to take a solid beauty route? Do I need to brush up on fashion and dive head deep because it is something that does inspire me...These are all questions that I feel I need to work on to grow and not just stay a concert photographer with band shoots here and there..... So here she is: PANDY!