2017 Recap… Not really but its some images to show what I need to work on. 🤷‍♂️

This is the recap post. This is how the recap post is supposed to go. This is what I would normally do with it.

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Star Gazing & The Rockies

Took a couple of days off to witness the magic of god, or science, which ever it is you believe in. Completely up to you! Of course I come out with some images. You can't go to Colorado and not come back with some images. 

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It’s been a minute…

A quick update with images and a video. Enjoy!!!! 

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Don’t be a d•••! Get your point across.

I have started to get this theory developed. It's not scientific. There isn't a focus group. I have not created spreadsheets. It's just something the last few weeks has helped me come to conclusion with. It comes down to one simple statement. Don't be a d••k! 

Take a few minutes to think about this. Why do we cuss. Why do we yell. It's all to create a moment of shock, awe, drama, etc... You are speaking and then BOOM! You are yelling. You are yelling and then you add that "word". It's a "bad word" and you know it is used to get your point across. 

If you take the time to go out of your way and be nice you'll be surprised. It takes less energy in the long run. When it's time to make that point, even then, you don't have to be that d•••. You don't have to cuss. You can just assert yourself in a more stern manner. You can make it a point to let them know that you are not in the place to be happy go lucky but still you aren't yelling at the top of your lungs. You aren't being unprofessional in a place where it's expected for you to be professional. 

Will this always work? I doubt that you an always be that super nice human being and not start to get walked all over. There are just some people that think that if you are nice then you are a push over. That being said, I think you will come off as someone that people will be good with working for or with more often then not.

It's definitely something that I've started to think about. Try it for a few weeks. This is not something that you can try out for a few days. Otherwise, I would have only spent a few days on it. 

In other moments of clarity I've actually had the chance to see my improvement as a flyer designer. Learning to be clean while continually adding a ton of sh!+ to a poster sized area is no easy thing if you come from the minimal kind of things. 

 Left - New and improved. | Right - First flyer I did for Clé

Left - New and improved. | Right - First flyer I did for Clé


Learning new gear. A6500

Learning new gear. This should making video in near dark situations easy to do! 


Day 31. Social Cleanse

The last day of social networking and not doing it. It's also the last day of not doing the daily blogging about it. Maybe I should continue to blog daily. I really don't know. I know that I really need to continue the content creation. It makes me focus better and push my brain to try and figure out what I want to create for the day. It also helps a little bit with me becoming a stronger writer. 

 Carnage at Spire Houston, Super Bowl Weekend

Carnage at Spire Houston, Super Bowl Weekend


Day 30. Social Cleanse

Well A-Trak was kind of a let down. It's just not as good as it used to be. It feels like he just phoned it in. Rapid Ric does a better job. 

 A-Trak performs at Spire Houston

A-Trak performs at Spire Houston


Day 29. Social Cleanse

First night of the "Big Game Day Weekend". It's more like a full week of Big Game Days. A-Trak is tonight. The Fools Gold Records vinyl maestro should be pretty fun! 



Day 28. Social Cleanse

Super Bowl is about to happen and as soon as that is over with it's on to Spring and Summer with Festivals, Clé, and Spire. I'm sure it'll be super busy. Fun things are soon to be coming. 


Day 27. Social Cleanse

I'm in the middle of reading this. Good stuff. It actually has some tidbits that refers to this social cleanse non-sense. 




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