Remembering Wayne Static

I can go back to the year 2000 and tell you that I was one of those dudes that was coming out of my Fvck The World, I'm down with Bone Thugs N Harmony phase. I was headed straight to a place of screaming guitars, electronica, and vocals that would compliment these noises flawlessly! At this point I was mainly just picking cds by how cool I thought the design of the covers were. There was the first Slipknot, Coal Chamber, and a lot of others. One that was a staple in my stack o' compact disc was Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip. I picked up this cd not knowing that it would forever put a staple on my life. There is just something about the way that Wayne Static mixed the metal with electronica. It wasn't over done like you hear now days(coughing up Korn's horrible dubstepidness). It was a perfect evolution coming from the likes of Skinny Puppy and NIN and Ministry. It was just perfect for where I was as far as my place in music. 

It was with a ton of great sadness that he has passed so I figured I'd do a small, in my own way, tribute to this person that helped mold my musical taste. I went to so many of his shows and I actually had the chance to photograph one of his solo shows at The Scout Bar in Houston, TX a few years ago. So feel free to check out the music to the side or the images below. 

House Party

This is a bit of a personal post with some pics that I managed to get during the experience. I had the opportunity dj my first set. My taste goes towards the DnB side of the world. I'm hoping I'll be able to put up some mixes here and there but until then I guess I'll just have to stick with the pictures from the experience. Check them out, tumblr them, facebook them, whatev! :-) 

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