Ironman Championships w/ Mission

So lets change it up for a moment! I was recently tasked to do some day-n-the-life-of for this amazing company Mission. It was really cool because I had the chance to do a bit more of the behind the scenes of an Ironman as well as be at the front row of the athlete's crossing. It was really amazing and inspiring. 

Mission is about athlete care and the big thing this time around was making sure as athletes crossed the line that each one was handed over an endura cool towel or as most of us know them as, cool towels. Throw these things in some water, ring them out, and throw them on the neck. It's amazing how cool and soothing these things can be. At this point in time I keep these on me at all festivals. Standing in crowds, on stages, or in front of barricades waiting for the next act, these towels are a must! Check out the images below and make sure you check out these towels. I'm not sponsored by these guys but I do swear by them!