Voodoo Travels, part 1

First day went well I suppose… travel days are always either good or really bad. There was no rain so already this is a step up from everything else last year. We woke up and not a puddle was to be seen. Temps dropped to around 58 or so and the warmth from cuddling commenced! 

With camp voodoo everyone seems to be really nice and more than accomadating. We’re located maybe 100 yards from the entrance to the whole thing and as I type they are getting breakfast ready. Not quite sure what it will be but I’m sure time will help me discover. 

The sun is officially up and now it is just a waiting game for the sound checks to sound off and the nfc equipped ipodtouches to start beeping. The first day of the fest is always a day of making sure you pace yourself and getting acclamated with the grounds. This year they seemed to have changed the staging around a little bit to see about keeping down some of the stage bleed(multiple stages being heard at the same time). 

In the end… the first day is just about time and waiting and helping people really get ready for later that night and the rest of the weekend! 

Happy Halloween!