The Pretty Reckless, Adelitas Way, Falling Through April : House of Blues

Walking up to the 3rd floor of the House of Blues complex was a nice pre cursor to the show that was about to commence. It was cool, there was no humidity, and it was one of my kid’s first show. With the line up that was to take place that night I knew it would be the perfect show for a first. Speaking of first, the opening band was a first for Houston as well. When it comes to shows and photographing and reviewing bands I thrive on finding new music. I think that that is how anybody is really. To hear something just a little bit different is a relief to a huge relief to anyone’s ears. 

The Charlotte, North Carolina natives Falling Through April came into Houston and gave all they could to the crowd. I imagine it is a hard thing, being the new band where no one knows the music you are playing. Alas there is always the opportunity to give a cover so people can kind of relate to your sound. Falling Through April did just this. A few songs into the set they bring out Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and made it their own. With vocal stylings that push more towards the sounds of bands like Hawthorne Heights and musicality that ranges from alternative sounds you get from the earlier 2000’s Falling Through April manages to mash together a sound that seems a bit unique and different. With a sound that is unique the band is sure to help keep an afterthought in the minds of the listeners. The only grip I would have is something that is trivial and only an avid concert goer would catch. With the infancy of a band on the national stage you can tell that they are still “new” at keeping a crowd entertained. Some people wouldn’t catch it but some of us will. It’s something that bands learn from, the experience and growth in entertaining the crowd and knowing how to fill those voids in-between songs. With their songs steadily picking up traction across the nation and their unique sound being all but denied you can bet to see these guys in a venue near you and soon! Make sure to keep an eye on Falling Through April 

The band that Houston has come to love and hate, Adelitas Way came out next. These guys were “banned” from Houston, TX a few years back when they attacked the lack of “real rock music” on radio. Singer Rick DeJesus made sure that this be a focus of the show as they pushed through songs both new and old. The fact is these guys know how to rock out a stage. The catchy rock hooks and energy they bring at all times is really really good. I just wish that I could see them in setting where the focus is “we were banned from Houston.” With this being said the bad boys on stage did make it known that the fans are where Adelitas Way’s loyalty lies. With songs like “Scream”, “Stuck”, and “Dog on a Leash” being pushed through the pa the crowd was amped and ready to go for what was next. 

The Pretty Reckless is a band that needs no introduction. There are few “real” rock bands out there that are lead by the ghost of chick’s 70’s past and Taylor Momsen is definitely here to exude that attitude. It was good to see that they had changed the setlist, lighting, and all around feeling of the show. It’s always a good show with The Pretty Reckless. The fact of the matter is Taylor is an entertainer whether its acting or bolting out a raspy goodness. There were moments where she would be in screaming the lyrics into the microphone. Taylor would make her way from guitarist Ben Phillips to bassist Mark Damon and give moments equal to that of Steven Tyler & Joe Perry. The song selection was amazing! It was completely different then what you would expect and focused strongly on the newer record “Going to Hell”. If I had to grip about anything I would have to say that it is the fact that the ballad “Zombie” didn’t get played. With the way their show was set up it was ok though. This was meant to be a rock show from start to the finish and there was no place for a moment like “Zombie.” 

While I feel that the latter of the two acts were expected, in the end Falling Through April was the highlight for me. Maybe because it’s new music and the prospect of a new act coming out that brings a fresh face to the rock lines. It really doesn’t matter which band you prefer. The fact is if this show is coming close to where you are then you need to get up and go check it out! The tickets aren’t outrageous and if you are a fan of Jam then you will definitely be a fan of this rock show coming through your town!