Stone F••KING Sour | Live @ Houston, TX House of Blues

There is no need to introduce this band. PERIOD. If you know Slipknot then you know StoneSour! And even then you probably know the frontman of both because if you ask any women "he's a pretty man that can sing and scream". He's the dude that can make love and make you feel like you are in bed with Christian Grey. <----- Bad reference i know

This was the 3rd time that I had the luxury of seeing them and it's been a good 5 years and 4 albums in between. All I could say is they were on point this night. It wasn't full on Stone Sour. Jim Root was back working on new music with the other Slipknot cohorts while the other 4 guys held the fort down. Music was amazing. Stage set up was simple and allowed the guys to let the music and their movement do the talking and it worked. The sold out show's crowd was into it 100% at all times!