Snails | There Will Be Bass | August 29

 I'm finally getting a chance to post these up! I love shooting clubs because I get to be stupid creative! There are so many good photographers out there that take great clean images. I know how to do it and it's not a hard thing to do for me at this point. I just feel that sometimes I need to be a bit different. There are some promoters that really enjoy it and there are ones that love sticking to cleaner look. I completely understand that. It's just fun to photograph something a bit different. :-) 

The dj in question here is Snails. This dude is the next generation of trap and dubstep and what he aptly calls vomitstep. He is getting bigger and bigger by the day and his set had everyone making the stank face! Hope you dig the pictures.  

20140830-There Will Be Bass • Aug ust 29--Kingwood-Mike Victorick-53.jpg