Pop Evil get Houston, TX ready for Stone Sour! House of Blues of course.

Pop Evil is a band that should be given the title "Hardest Working Band". The amount of shows that this band plays... It runs borderline crazy. It's easy for us to all say that they get to do what they love but the fact of the matter is they only get to do what they love for 45 minutes a day. The rest of the time is spent sitting on a bus waiting to get to do what they love for the other 23 hours of those days. 

Fact is these guys come out on stage every night and do something that is truly amazing for the amount of work that they put in. My favorite album from them is still their first but the newest one Onyx is a very solid album. 

Solid shows made off of some of the strongest work ethics in the business coupled with consistently solid albums make for a band that you really need to check out! 

Leigh Kakaty

Dave Grahs

Chachi Riot

By Pop Evil