Parks & Devastation Tour | NRG Park | Houston, TX

In this song its not the milkshake that brings the kids to the yard. It’s A Day To Remember! Anytime you put this group at the top of a headlining show there’s sure to be a ton of kids being dropped off at the front with a $50 ticket in their hand. This day was no different. The tour was aptly named Parks & Devastation Tour and A Day to Remember made sure to bring a group of dudes with them that would satiate everyone’s need to rock out and rock out they all did. 

Goth glam rockers Motionless in White started the show with their deep and dark glam metal. I’m not really sure if you could consider it glam metal. It’s like Marilyn Manson had a couple of kids and they had to go darker and heavier. None the less their stage presence and demeanor was a great way to lead into the other bands. Kids at the barricade were all being pummeled while the melody mixed breakdowns were taking place. Vocalist Chris “Motionless” Cerulli new how to shout at the crowd and when to shout to the heavens at just the right time. The dark moody lights made it hell to see anything from a ways back but the opening bands are normally a very unlit band anyways. 

Michigan natives Chiodos was up next and I will have to say that leading off from Motionless in White… this group’s lighting was completely opposite! It was bright as hell actually. But alas this is about the music and their performance right? Chiodos’ new record seems to have taken a turn towards more melody+heavy standard and it looks like it was working for the crowd. With the bright lights shining on the crowd of the arena you could see that all the guys were everywhere on stage and the god complex that comes with being a vocalist fit Craig Owens well. 

Bring Me The Horizon was next and they brought the crazy visuals to accompany their unique take on post-hardcore electronica. Full on strobes mixed with a huge projection across the faces of the band made it impossible to see any of them clearly. The kids in the crowd didn’t care though. They hands were flying in the air and the glimpses of the gents from England when backlit were enough for everyone to be happy. I would have to say that this band was probably the highlight of the night. The chanty songs mixed with the visuals and crazy music made for a great all around performance leading up to A Day To Remember. 

With a 20 minute wait in-between the opening confetti blast and Bring Me The Horizon you saw a crazy stage take form. This is probably where most of that $50 ticket went. It didn’t really matter though. The girls had made their way to be squished in the front and slowly but surely you saw what seemed to look like a park ground take place. Plastered in the back was the ADTR guy’s faces in the form of Mount Day to Remember. It was interesting to say the least but the guys made use of the gigantic stage, grand lighting, and giddy crowd. The music went back and forth between breakdowns and singing and people flying through the air. 

I can honestly say that I’m not sure I could have afforded the price tag on the ticket. Growing up I was a kid saving my money 2 years at a time to see a Tool show. Times have changed and now it seems it’s easier than ever for bands like the aforementioned to get an arena full of kids to come out and continue to support them. No matter the price this tour is worth it’s weight in the green and if you can afford it and enjoy the post forms of the early 2000’s then I think it’s strongly encouraged that you head out and check any of these bands live! 

Bring Me The Horizon @ the Parks & Devastation tour in Houston, TX-0032.jpg