Testing testing...1,2,3.

Every once in a while you have to just get out there and take some pictures. Could be bad pictures. It could be the most amazing pictures. Sometimes it very well might just be the last pictures you ever take......

This was supposed to be just a test shoot and ended up having some images that, while I can't explain it at all, are my favorites. It is what it is and all I really did was use a beauty dish, alien bee, and wacked out composition nonstop. Maybe that is what made me love it so much. Anyways... Check it out. Let me know if you like any of it. Or you can tell me it all sucks. I really need to get that honest and constructive criticism anyways. Just don't blame the model. He's a little goofy looking I know. I kinda sucked him into this nonsense.

This is typically what I do anytime there is a band shoot or promo shoot. I want to make sure that I have that concept down to solid "idea". The band wanted "abstract" and completely "unseen" before so I went out and started to take pictures in ways that, while they have probably been done before by someone somewhere, it hasn't really been done around here before. Ultimately they flaked out and I ended up being completely ok with what I have below. Love it, hate it, it's art.