Slam Tour at House of Blues | Houston Music Photographer

There's not a better way to recupperate from a day like Cinco De Mayo then to attend a tour at the House of Blues in Houston, TX aptly named "The Slam Tour". The Slam Tour is a tour consisting of what could be considered the juggernauts of hardcore punk and crossover thrash. Suicidal Tendencies were responsible for setting up this shindig and brought along bands like Sick of It All to help set the crowd up. 

Sick of it All is a band that can say the words "punk" or the words "hard core" and you know that that is what they mean. They let you know the whole show too. When you've been around as long as they have, the 25+ years, you have the fans that agree. The crowd walking in knew that the circle pits and the fast head banging would be non-stop as lead man Lou Koller wrecked his vocal chords going through songs like "Uprising Nation" or "My Life". It was an amazing thing to see because while the band was moving on stage the crowd was moving on the floor. Sweat dripped as the crowd tried to keep up with the hard core punk veterans. 

When you first hear about Suicidal Tendencies most people will automatically go towards the "Trujillo Era". That was when they had their most critical acclaim. But on this night they were more about their hardcore side then their funk side. Sure the jammed out funk from those days but they knew to destroy the crowd by blasting through songs like "War Inside My Head" and "You Can't Bring Me Down". That was just starting the show off! The crowd was older and I could tell that more than most of these fans were fans that have been around since the mid 80s. Still while the age might show through the wrinkles on some the energy of the whole building, from the stage to the crowd, was enough to keep the can lights running through the show alone. 

While it has been going on 3 decades of studio, touring, and music for these bands they still manage to treat it like they started just yesterday. Both bands tour regularly and while it would be great to catch one or the other by themselves the treat would be to catch them together on the Slam Tour!