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The Blog of Houston, TX music and model photographer Mike Victorick. You can check out images from musicians, festivals, models, and concerts alike. 

On the horizon....

There are sometimes those roads that just keep course on a highway to forever. For photographers that seems to be the case at all times. You always need to be better! You always are trying to push your style! You need to find out how to be different from the other 40 people in the pit shooting the same person in the same situation that you are shooting. It's fu*king daunting and to not get depressed or in a funk about it makes you superman!

With so many things pulling me in new creative directions. New job, changing a major, getting away from shooting 100+ shows in 1 year. I feel that now I should start branching out and trying to find new avenues to photograph. With that being said I'm not sure if I'm going to actually do that or not. I say "I want" alot. It doesn't happen..... 

Last year I shot a model that opened me up to amazing new worlds of photography that isn't just different then the typical smelly guys I shoot. It was "different" through the lens. As ever, I'm a creative trying to look for new ways to be creative. On the horizon for me I just want to be alive and see things in a new light! 

P.S. I am not becoming a landscape photographer! I'll leave that to the guys with the BIG LENSES.(see what I did there ;-))