Machine Head at House of Blues : Houston Concert Photography

House of Blues was full of an all ages crowd as Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary of a Madman" pushed through the speakers. It was like every other song while you wait for the show to start until those last big epic notes push through. Then it when from 0 to 11! Lights out, curtain drops, Machine Head starts.

Machine Head are what I like to call the new age Metallica. Long songs, thrash everywhere, solos everywhere, and just enough grit to make it more "modern metal." While their setlist was cut shorter than on this tour songs that the fans of thrash feel are a must did get played. Headbangers swung their hair around during "Imperian", pits erupted during "Aesthetics of Hate", and the crowd chanted and sang along during the set closer "Halo". 

While they are currently pondering the future for the band and their direction, Machine Head have no problem highlighting the past and present. It was an amazing show, however short the set was.