Elbodo @ The Houston, TX Scout Bar | Concert Photography

This is a round 2 for these guys. This time around it was for the amazing  Texas Buzz. As always this annual Sunday show is held at Scout Bar in Houston, TX. I've photographed so many images there that at this point it's just finding new ways to use the available light or the speedlight that I always have with me.  

As for Elbodo... these guys are always an interesting thing to view live. It never really matters if they have new music or old music. There is just so much going on that you always find something new with the band. That being said, they still had a few new songs to showcase as well as some of the "oldies" too. It's rock meets drizzled in electronic meets carnival meets jam band. It's unique to say the least and definitely worth heading to a show to pick up an E.P. and hear their music live! O' and this is a big thing too...... SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE THE RECORDINGS! That's leaps and bounds ahead of a good 90% local acts! Just sayin' ;-)