Ashford Lights & The Analog People

I can not stress this enough! Sometimes it even makes for crazy cool stories. While I don't *condone* listening to Texas Country how many people can look back and say "I saw Pat Green when he was a nobody"? It's always a really cool feeling to be able to say things like that if you really love music. 


Enough ranting! Ok so I photographed Elbodo and I always take a few shots of the bands opening up. Nothing too serious. Just try to get a feel for the lighting and how it will be done through out the night. Normally I don't keep any of the images. A lot of time the bands aren't that good. A lot of times the images just aren't that good. It's not a big deal. These are bands that just like to play and don't put that much into it. Sometimes I'm just not that into it. Whatever it may be I typically don't have any images. This time around it was different. Make sure you check out these bands. They don't sound the same and they have their shit together more than most bands! Check it out. You just might like it. Support your local music peeps!