All That Remains at House of Blues : Houston Concert Photography

A War You Cannot Win
By All That Remains

Early 2000s saw a lot of bands coming out of Massachusetts left and right. More specifically New American Metal came out of that area strong. Strong clean vocals mixed with guttural screams. Some of the pretty non-dissonant chords mixed with not just power chords but different scales that are equally demanding in brutality. <a href="" title="Website" target="_blank">All That Remains</a> is one of those bands that popped up around that time and have stuck it out ever since. 

All That Remains made a stop through Houston as the opener for the last Dethklok tour that came through House of Blues and they destroyed it. To watch Phil Labonte connect with fans in Houston and really anywhere, its amazing. Seeing a smart ass bring that personality the front and not just hide is always a plus. His clean vocals were perfect, his screams were mean and He never stood in one spot too long. 

While the singer seems to get the spot light a lot the fact of the matter is All That Remains as a whole is just an amazing group of puzzel pieces that have come together. Oli Herbert & Mike Martin (guitarist) trade off solos and rhythms so seamlessly that it takes you a minute to realize that it's not based off of protools and they are always clean. These guys don't stand in one place either! They are forever moving. Jason Costa's drumming is always tight and it could be a drum machine. I love the way he plays side stick with his left hand as well. It makes his style stand out a bit more as well. It's always a bit more fun to watch. And you can't forget about the bass player that hangs with the boys so well! Jeanne Sagan is just as energetic, albeit a bit shorter, but none the less she's just as brutal. Hell, she gets more guttural with her screams then Phil does sometimes. 

They brought the energy out full force and did not stop until they left the stage. I would say that the closers and both direct support(Dethklok & Machine Head) were more than happy with the crowd set up after they were finished. It was a definitely a good show for me to end 2012.