Staind at Rockstar Uproar

Staind [Explicit]

Since 1995 Staind has been stepping on stage to give it all. Whether it be because they were the new metallers on the block or because they had something to prove they always manage to bring out all they have on stage. It's almost 18 years later and while they've only changed 1 member(drummerJon Wysocki left in late 2010) they are still giving a reason to bring it all out on stage. This time though, it is a little more bitter sweet then what has been in the past. After their latest self-titled release they had announce that this touring cycle would be the last for a while. You can call it a hiatus, a term they do not agree with.  With the completion of contract from their record label and Aaron Lewis becoming a legit country singer(so weird to say) all hats are up in the air as to what comes next. 

With all the above news they felt they had something to prove to all paying hard earned money to come out and see them. With the last album being the heaviest since their first(Dysfunction) they've been on a mission to show that they still have the metal and they're not all ballads and "standard tunings". 

For the last year they've been bringing out songs that I have not seen them bring out in over a decade. I wasn't even sure Aaron Lewis had the vocal cords to do some of the lyrical acrobatics that are the "Early-Era Staind". Knowing this I knew I  was in for a treat. Then I saw the set list. For this being a Metal/Hard Rock show, festival, whatever you want to call it their set list was kind of run of the mill. Everything sounded good. It should with 18 years of being together. I was just expecting more. I felt with them talking more heavy lately that it wasn't brought out as much as it could have been. That being said it is always a treat to hear the tightness of the rhythm section, Lewis' vocals, and Mike Mushok(guitarist) going completely nuts on stage. 

While it is not a sure thing on if there is a another tour after Rockstar Uproar I will always respect Staind and their live show which has always been good. I'm not agreeing with the current set-list but that is biased and while I don't care for it you just might. If there is one more tour I highly recommend getting out to check them out one last time!