Shinedown at Rockstar Uproar

So lets get this out of the way:

"I'm not a huge Shinedown fan" 

Now you are sitting there going "well he's about to bash them bad". Not quite the case. I was a huge fan when their first cd "Leave a Whisper" came out. I remember seeing them at the now shut down Meridian(Houston, TX venue) and there might have been one to two hundred people there…maybe. This is right when the song "45" came out and before "Burning Bright" and their rendition of  "Simple Man". Through that album I thought it was amazing, fresh, just an all around great album start to finish. It was when their 2nd album "Us & Them" came out.  Now this is when they garnered the biggest boost in their success with hits like "Save Me" & "I Dare You". From there it just wasn't for me anymore and I kind of gave up the hope and want to see anymore Shinedown. 

By Shinedown

At the end of 2012 it has been close to 10 years since I've really paid attention to a Shinedown show live. I've seen them a couple of times since that small show and that was always "beer run time". This time it was different. With a camera and assignment in my hands I was "forced" to pay attention this time. 

With the release of 2 more albums this time "Sound of Madness" & "Amaryllis" I've been so high and mighty that I failed to realize that they've managed to bring back a little bit of that edge! The night that they headlined Rockstar Uproar in Houston is the night that I came to the conclusion that they deserved to be the headline spot. 

The show was big! It had pyro, the stage, the middle of the crowd acoustic set, the whole shebang! Majority of the set was pretty heavy/hard rock and they knew the right times to tune it down and give everyone's lungs a break from the screaming. Just as you would catch your breath from the songs like "Sound of Madness" and "Bully" you would feel your arms getting worn out from holding up your cell phones, the new millennium lighters, during the acoustic cover of "Simple Man". I guess in the end I'm just happy that they ended with the first single from the first album "Fly From the Inside". It is a great poetic way to show how the music is come around full circle.