Fozzy at Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival!

Sin and Bones
By Fozzy

Fozzy was on the 2012 Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour and it was amazing! Heavy f••king music mixed with some old school 80's power vocals and its a good sound together. I've always wanted to see Fozzy and have always been into their music so this was a definite show that I was looking forward to shooting. I found out real quickly though, that it was going to prove difficult cause these guys did not stop moving at all. On the stage, in the air, and at times damn near in the crowd. It was great stuff! 

Their front man is no stranger to the crowds, the super star wrestler Chris Jericho is who fronts this band. Whether it's wrestling or on a stage belting ridiculous sounds out of his mouth he can lead and it was apparent on the Houston date at Rockstar Energy Uproar!