Day 19. Social Cleanse

It's kind of crazy to think about the fact that I'm only 10 days away from this whole social media black out thing. I imagine it will go the route of starting slowly and then just becoming another binger of all things facebook/twitter/instagram, and not in that specific order. I think it becomes a thing where I stick to just scheduling and using it for business. Until then its the dark music that is the red room. 

Day 18. Social Cleanse


  1. Checked instagram a few times(I was curious on someone's info and that's how to find it)
  2. GoPro and Karma grip was stolen. 


Today will be blank

Day 15. Social Cleanse

People are starting to ask me if I live under a rock. I don't know what is going on. When they ask me what I'm doing and I act like I'm not in their city then it calls for question. "Are ya living under a f••king rock? I'm in town for a show tonight." So this is mike, this is me, rock dweller. 

In other news it is pouring so I had to do the cardio on a treadmill I hate treadmills. With a passion. I used to love them. Now I'm fat and slow and there is no reason for me to see the lcd screen tell me just how slow I am actually walking. The rain needs to go away. 

DJs..... find someone to put a brand guide together for you. Especially if you don't like having your pic on the flyer. BRAND GUIDES! Its the most amazing thing. It starts to make your brand have a solid consistency across the board. It also makes the designer's job so much easy. It helps bring faster turn around. It's just cleaner all around. Just saying......

That type above was typed at 12pm. It is now 2am. Good food, good times, and good friends cause me to run late on publishing this. I feel that that is all that must be said. 



Day 14. Social Cleanse

This is technically day 15 but I'm just getting to this. I took a nap that lasted about 2 hours because my body is just wrecked. The first 2 weeks of working out always kill me. So here I am trying to finish out Tuesday on a Wednesday. All things I worked on today can't be shown until they are released so I'll leave you with this. 

P.S. Sorry for the short post. I'm starting to slack on my time management. Should work on that. 

Day 11. Social Cleanse

So at what point does the few people that read this get tired of me talking about how hard or how easy it is to be off of social media. I think it's safe to say that I am clear on the feeling of "needing" to get back on fb/tw/in. The only thing with it is I feel like I need to continue to talk out loud about the small nuances to point out what is helping me or making it difficult. Almost like an AA... wtf

In other news... I created a sick image last night. I was happy with it for sure. 


Day 9. Social Cleanse

Let's talk about goals for a second. Not resolutions but goals. It is extremely easy to get those two mixed up. My goals for this whole daily blog thing is for it to continue past the cleanse. I think this blog is the catalyst to keep my ass in check and get me into a routine. Whatever I want to become a daily thing for me. If I talk about it every day of my life it will happen. If you build it they will come! 

If you build it they will come!
— Field of Dreams

This morning I started the cardio part of my Legion Training. I'm not going to go into what it is or how it works. I'm not reviewing anything like that. This is not that platform. I just know that it works for me. It was successful when I put to use the tools the program presented me. Anyways, it is January 12 and I am finally starting to workout. Yesterday I did the whole grocery shopping thing. I started 12 days after I should. I started though and I have this platform to keep my ass in check. Even if nobody is reading it I'm writing it and that means I have to stick to it. What the f**k else do I have to right about. Also, I hate writing/typing. I've considered eventually moving to a vlog but I hate the sound of my voice and I'm not quite to that point yet. It also just seems like the band wagon thing to do so I'm not quite there yet. We shall see how this all goes though. More content later today! 

You never remember how hard the first day is until after you start the first day. It's probably because the first day is so grueling that your mind forces you to always forget it. 


Flyers done. Some screwing around with After Effects. All things I probably would have put off or not done had I had my head in other areas. In other fun news I started learning to use turntables. Complete trainwreck. #truestory

Day 8. Social Cleanse

I broke Facebook silence today. I went almost a complete week before I "slipped". It was something that I connected with so deeply that I felt I should do it. I think that at it's core that is really what Social Media is about. Sharing moments and things with groups of your friends, that you actually know. This was one of those times. It had to do with my past, music, and it involved people that I've known for close to 2 decades. I'll say it's worth it. Since then I haven't wanted to rush back to it or anything. Still, I did break my month long silence. 

One of my resolutions was to make sure that I created something 1 time a week that had nothing to do with work. Didn't matter if it was photography, videography, or design. I just have to create something bred purely of passion. I'm running late but I did it! DJ Phon had a residency try out and I caught about 25 seconds of footage. I got as creative as possible and put that into a 11 second clip. Not too shabby. I had the chance to use self made transitions from Motion. I'm happy with it. I think it is definitely a start! 


Day 7. Social Cleanse

This social cleanse "thingy" is part of my yearly resolution thing. It's always relatively easy. I just stay away. It's al. The other things that seem to be  week was supposed to be the week that I started to get my eating down so next week I could start getting back in to the gym. I think that is the key to getting back into it. Small baby steps so you can condition your body. It just hasn't worked out that way. It's something I need to focus on a lot more. This isn't me complaining. It's me saying it out loud in an area where if someone sees this they can keep me in check. I need a way of accountability. I love the wife but she's happy with the dad bod so she doesn't really push for me to get back into shape. 😂



Day 6. Social Cleanse

Is YouTube a social network? I have to ask because I'm still using that one. More often then not it's for educational purposes. Like everything else, it can turn into a rabbit hole suck.  

ive had a full 8 hrs of sleep. That's something that doesn't happen when I'm on the social webs. I guess it's safe to say there's another benefit. One thing that is kind of annoying me is when I get those damn emails showing that I have people tagging me in something. More often then not it's someone suggesting that the person that posted the thread should use me for work. There's the one big upside to social networking. I stay away though. I need not be around the different shades of blue that blast across the computer screen when Facebook or Twitter grace me with their presence.




Day 4. Social Cleanse

First weekend day with out any social media. It was a bit weird. It seems to be a conundrum because while I'm getting more accustomed to not being on social media there are times when I really want to be on it more when I'm bored. There are always those moments on the weekends where I don't want to be working at my computer but I'll have the urge to just get on my phone. Maybe it's not as much about social as it is about just putting my phone down. Seems to be more the root of the problem. We were picking up our Nokias and Razors over a decade ago right before Myspace and Facebook. It's definitely something to think about. 

While I've had the extra time and I have been at my computer I've been working on a color grading(presets) scheme that I want to use for the year. It is still a work in progress. The blacks are bit too muddy from the contrast but when I back it off I feel like the "pop" is going away. 

Day 3. Social Cleanse

So being at Clè makes me wanna get on that social media life. During the day it's been pretty easy to drop it all but in these moments where there is a break the need to fill that gap of time is pretty strong. Instead I find myself thinking of new shots. Maybe these moments of nothing I can just focus on catching diff b roll. It's something that I clearly have the extra time to think about now. Too be continued.  

Today afforded me the time to focus on 10 revisions for one flyer. That same flyer I worked on days ago. I was also free to start updating my portfolio. Over all this week has been super productive. 


 Laser focus!!!!  

Laser focus!!!!  

Day 2. Social Cleanse

In bed a bit earlier and up way earlier. I was up at 4am this morning. After trying to go back to sleep and catch zzzzzzzzs for another 2 hours I just said screw it. It's been 30 minutes and this is the prime time to check the social world. Even if nothing is going on, sans all my insomniacs, I still want to check everything. Like a damn comfort blanket.  

So here's where the reprogramming of my brain kicks in. Instead of spending the next few hours doing nothing I have to teach a.d.d. Mike to either sit and learn something or just take advantage of the quiet and work. 

Day end and I have completely caught up on all work. After a few updates to yesterday's flyers and the video completion the day kind of just dragged on. I did spend a good 5 hours in motion so I'm getting a better grip on that. Had I had access to social media I wouldn't had completed all the work I did. Downside to this is I've missed out on some announcements that kind of matter to my business and business dealings around my work. I figure if it's important enough then I'll just get the telephone version from the wife or friends. 

Top 16 in 16' + Stories

So I'll get this out the way really quick. There's more than 16 images. There is actually 21. I started with 169 from the whole year and I knocked it down to 21. Honestly every image has some story or reason behind it. I figured instead of finding the shiniest cleanest or messiest image that just looks cool on screen I'd choose images that actually has meaning behind it. 

Day 1. Social Cleanse

It's day 1. I'm not really sure what's going to come of me documenting this whole ordeal. I've cut out all of it. From Instagram to Twitter. From Facebook to Snap Chap(which I don't ever use).  

The idea is to regain my ability to find other things to do with my attention that has nothing to do with social media. I've decided, however, that I need to document it and see what comes of it. I can just post through out the day the things I get done on here. Will there be more work or will I still be the unproductive douche I normally am. We shall see.



 Dezi + Justin's wedding edited.

Dezi + Justin's wedding edited.

 Working/Learning with Motion. Working on the NYE video. 

Working/Learning with Motion. Working on the NYE video. 

 First Spire club poster done. 

First Spire club poster done.