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Day 24. Social Cleanse

I got invited out to do fun things and it had nothing to do with social media. Text messaging rejoice! That being said, I forgot about the event because I didn't have any social media tied to my phone. I probably could had the luxury of shooting the show. No such luck. Doesn't matter in my eyes. I'm just happy I had the chance to see the whole first album from 10 years performed. It has been 12 years since I first saw 10 Years in Houston. There have been lineup changes but it still doesn't matter. They sound as good now as they did then! 

It was awesome to go to a rock show on a Friday night and not have to hustle over to work at a club. Those nights are far and few between. I'm starting to realize what it really means to hold on to those great moments that are becoming farther and fewer between. 

10 Years | Warehouse Live | 2012 

10 Years | Warehouse Live | 2012 

The Autumn Effect
By 10 Years