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Day 10. Social Cleanse

Working on some minimal After Effects stuffs. 

Working on some minimal After Effects stuffs. 

Back to the grind tonight. Not that I don't grind during the week. It's just, during the week I get to grind in my basketball shorts and t-shirts. Awesome times are had. Tonight its back to Clé to help feed the content machine. It's been a few weeks so I'm nice and refreshed. The only thing that gets me is being social ironically makes me want to be on social media. Mainly to post images in real time. Things like that. It's easier now to not do that. I have to say I do feel all around better mentally. They say once you've been away from Facebook specifically that you mental health improves. I'm starting to believe it really is true. Crazy how things like that work. I'm still booking gigs as well. So I'm not totally loss without Facebook.

Speaking of getting social, I've pretty much locked in my festivals that I want to attend. Flyers below!