I broke Facebook silence today. I went almost a complete week before I "slipped". It was something that I connected with so deeply that I felt I should do it. I think that at it's core that is really what Social Media is about. Sharing moments and things with groups of your friends, that you actually know. This was one of those times. It had to do with my past, music, and it involved people that I've known for close to 2 decades. I'll say it's worth it. Since then I haven't wanted to rush back to it or anything. Still, I did break my month long silence. 

One of my resolutions was to make sure that I created something 1 time a week that had nothing to do with work. Didn't matter if it was photography, videography, or design. I just have to create something bred purely of passion. I'm running late but I did it! DJ Phon had a residency try out and I caught about 25 seconds of footage. I got as creative as possible and put that into a 11 second clip. Not too shabby. I had the chance to use self made transitions from Motion. I'm happy with it. I think it is definitely a start!