First weekend day with out any social media. It was a bit weird. It seems to be a conundrum because while I'm getting more accustomed to not being on social media there are times when I really want to be on it more when I'm bored. There are always those moments on the weekends where I don't want to be working at my computer but I'll have the urge to just get on my phone. Maybe it's not as much about social as it is about just putting my phone down. Seems to be more the root of the problem. We were picking up our Nokias and Razors over a decade ago right before Myspace and Facebook. It's definitely something to think about. 

While I've had the extra time and I have been at my computer I've been working on a color grading(presets) scheme that I want to use for the year. It is still a work in progress. The blacks are bit too muddy from the contrast but when I back it off I feel like the "pop" is going away.