In bed a bit earlier and up way earlier. I was up at 4am this morning. After trying to go back to sleep and catch zzzzzzzzs for another 2 hours I just said screw it. It's been 30 minutes and this is the prime time to check the social world. Even if nothing is going on, sans all my insomniacs, I still want to check everything. Like a damn comfort blanket.  

So here's where the reprogramming of my brain kicks in. Instead of spending the next few hours doing nothing I have to teach a.d.d. Mike to either sit and learn something or just take advantage of the quiet and work. 

Day end and I have completely caught up on all work. After a few updates to yesterday's flyers and the video completion the day kind of just dragged on. I did spend a good 5 hours in motion so I'm getting a better grip on that. Had I had access to social media I wouldn't had completed all the work I did. Downside to this is I've missed out on some announcements that kind of matter to my business and business dealings around my work. I figure if it's important enough then I'll just get the telephone version from the wife or friends.