People are starting to ask me if I live under a rock. I don't know what is going on. When they ask me what I'm doing and I act like I'm not in their city then it calls for question. "Are ya living under a f••king rock? I'm in town for a show tonight." So this is mike, this is me, rock dweller. 

In other news it is pouring so I had to do the cardio on a treadmill I hate treadmills. With a passion. I used to love them. Now I'm fat and slow and there is no reason for me to see the lcd screen tell me just how slow I am actually walking. The rain needs to go away. 

DJs..... find someone to put a brand guide together for you. Especially if you don't like having your pic on the flyer. BRAND GUIDES! Its the most amazing thing. It starts to make your brand have a solid consistency across the board. It also makes the designer's job so much easy. It helps bring faster turn around. It's just cleaner all around. Just saying......

That type above was typed at 12pm. It is now 2am. Good food, good times, and good friends cause me to run late on publishing this. I feel that that is all that must be said.