Emmure is one of those bands you either love or hate. Even with me... While I can't really get into them on cd/spotify/itunes/whatever your poison is when I see them live it's a different story. Breakdowns gallore! Monstrous heavy tunings, a dude that can rap while screaming(imo that's impressive), and guys that move on stage. It's pretty good to check out.


Emmure was started in 2003. Frankie Palmeri (from Queens, New York) met Joe and Ben Lionetti (from New Fairfield, Connecticut) through an internet message board. Palmeri then traveled to Connecticut to begin rehearsals together. Bassist Mark Davis and guitarist Jesse Ketive, residents of New Fairfield and Queens, respectively, then joined when the three began another recruiting search for members.[1] Ketive was formerly in the band Warfix, in which he played guitar alongside Bryan Goldsman of Southside Panic. The band's name "Emmure" is a reference to immurement, a form of execution.

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