It was an amazing drive out from Houston to Beaumont on April 17, 2012. A little long but well worth it knowing the band that I was going to shoot was Chevelle! Chevelle is a 3 piece band that from thier early formation in late 1999 have hit the road running creating some of the more memorable moments in the modern rock movement in the first decade of the 21st century with songs ranging from “The Red”, “Vitamin R(Leading Us Along)”, “I Get It”, and the more recently “Face to the Floor”. Chevelle was out supporting their 6th and most current album "Hats Off To the Bull". The album came out in late 2011 and from that second on they hit the road hard!
The band is known for being a strong 3 piece and this night was no different. This was the second leg of their touring schedule so they varied the songs a little bit more. It was amazing to see them do everything from their new single “Same Ole’ Trip” to the very old school “Point #1”! The only thing that really was different from all the other awesome times that I’ve seen them is the way the stage was set up and that’s obviously no big deal to the way they sound. The rhythm section created by Dean(bass) and Sam(drums) and Pete’s vocals, as always, sounded great clean and when he throws the grit into them. If you are into the modern commercial rock scene and have never seen Chevelle then you definitely need to get out from under the rocks and check them out!

1. Antisaint
2. Letter to a Thief
3. Point #1
4. Hats Off to the Bull
5. Sleep Apnea
6. Same Ole' Trip
7. Closure
8. Jars
9. Forfeit
10. The Meddler
11. VitaminR
12. I Get It
13. Envy
14. Clincher
1. The Red
2. Face To The Floor

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