Free Press Music Fest is always an amazing gathering!

For the last four years Houston has throw Free Press Summer Fest. In it’s infancy it was 30,000 people strong and was the perfect place to be for the indie rock hipsters. Since then it has grown into a monster! Now the festival is over 60,000 people strong over the course of 2 days in the lovely Eleanor Tinsley Park overlooking the city.

This year there were over 160 acts spread across 8 stages and the music went from folk, indie, hip-hop, metal, electronic, to country. The heat was hot, the skies were blue, and the crowd made it all worth the effort for the musicians!

Among the acts that were there was Willie Nelson bringing his past 40+ years of music. While the crowd wasn’t going as crazy over this act they were all inhaling the smoke and singing along with all their heart as he made his way through some of his most known songs(Whiskey River, Still is Still Moving to Me) to even pulling off some Kris Kristofferson covers(Me and Bobbi McGee).

Cult favorites Morris Day and The Time also showed up. While it was a great show to witness it was a heavy let down because in the end, if you’re seeing Morris Day you have to see some Jungle Love. It seems that over the years his voice has grown deeper and it might be that some of his younger songs might now work like you would hope.

Snoop Dogg was also there and there was plenty for him to talk about. He managed to get busted for possession while in Houston and it gave him a fire during the performance. Old to new all the songs he pulled out were definitely worth all the fans he had in the dogg pound(fans).

The electronic acts Major Lazer, Afrojack, and Pretty Lights(just to name a few) set the Eleanor Tinsley Park on fire. It never mattered if it was day time or the closing act. Everytime that there was a beat to jump or fist pump too it seemed that the whole crowd was there to do it!

Each year Free Press Summer Fest gets put on and each year this show gets bigger and bigger. People from all around the country come to celebrate some many different genre’s of music! It’s truly something amazing to see!